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Consumer Bankruptcy Tax Debt Relief Office in Greenbelt, MD

Consumer Bankruptcy Planning At A Personal Level

When you are seeking a way out of your financial debt, you need an attorney you can rely on. Bankruptcy attorney Donald L. Bell has been practicing consumer bankruptcy law for 20 years.

At The Law Office of Donald L. Bell, we strive to educate each of our clients about which legal options will achieve the best financial result, always based on each client’s unique circumstances. Our services in consumer bankruptcy cases, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, help our clients prevent foreclosure on their homes, and also protect other assets.

Attorney Donald L. Bell has helped people in difficult financial situations achieve a fresh start while allowing them to keep many assets, such as their home and vehicles essential to their lifestyle. This helps them maintain generational wealth by keeping their homes and setting their futures up for success through estate planning and administration. For more information about Mr. Bell, click the link below:

A Commitment To High-Quality Service For Our Clients

If you are considering bankruptcy, we know that you may fear losing your home, vehicle, pension, stocks, bank accounts and other assets vital to you. Our firm provides you with a quiet, private and comfortable environment to share the details of your financial issues. You will consult one-on-one with Mr. Bell throughout your entire case.

We will make certain to perform a comprehensive review of your finances to create a plan to resolve all financial issues. Everyone’s situation is different, and we do a thorough financial analysis to ensure that we address and meet your needs and goals.

“I believe that bankruptcy can be the key to preserving your American dream of family home ownership, comfort, and your and your family’s well-being. Let me help you save your most valuable assets and get out of debt.”

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.