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If you are facing a foreclosure on your home, repossession of your vehicle, or have unpaid tax debt owed to the IRS or state, attorney Donald L. Bell can help you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This process will stop the foreclosure, repossession and any further tax collection enforcement. Attorney Donald L. Bell and his staff have assisted thousands of people in Maryland who were financially overwhelmed to put together an effective plan of reorganization through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

At The Law Office of Donald L. Bell, you will work with Mr. Bell and his staff throughout your case. We provide our clients with a quiet and comfortable space to fully disclose their financial situation. Attorney Donald L. Bell has practiced consumer bankruptcy law for many years and has helped many families resolve extreme financial difficulties.

What To Expect When You File For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The legal steps to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy begin with a thorough analysis of your assets, your debts and your overall financial situation. This analysis determines if filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your best option. Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer Donald L. Bell will meet with you, assist you in prioritizing your financial obligations, and develop a plan for reorganization.

After a required prefiling credit counseling course, you will provide financial documents — six months of pay stubs and bank statements, four years of tax returns, and a list of all debts you owe. This information allows us to properly complete the detailed paperwork needed to ensure that the court will accept your filing. Most importantly, we will create a creditor repayment plan for the court to approve. Your repayment plan will last for at least three years, but no more than five years. When you make all of the payments required under your court-approved plan, the unsecured debt remaining will be forgiven.

Chapter 13 involves complex preparations, important deadlines for court filings and court hearings, and ongoing maintenance of your repayment plan. Instead of adding to the pressure and stress you are already experiencing, The Law Office of Donald L. Bell will attend to every legal requirement for a successful outcome to your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.

A Free Initial Consultation For Your Bankruptcy Case

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.