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Get Legal Help After The Death Of A Loved One

Your life can change in the blink of an eye. Losing a close family member is always stressful and the situation is even more challenging when:

  • Death was sudden or many medical bills remain from the deceased person’s final days
  • The deceased person did not leave a will
  • The deceased person was in the middle of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or had few assets

Rest assured that attorney Donald L. Bell has helped many surviving family members in Maryland (and others out of state whose loved ones died in Maryland) in similar circumstances. He is ready to guide you through the difficulties of resolving a troubled estate efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact The Law Office of Donald L. Bell to get started.

Helping Personal Representatives Through Probate And Estate Administration Processes

Perhaps your loved one left a will that named you as the executor or personal representative. Attorney Bell can help you overcome obstacles and progress through the stages of settling the estate. If a bankruptcy was in process, his bankruptcy law experience will help you navigate each necessary step.

Or, perhaps your loved one did not leave a will and someone needs to step forward to apply for the position of the administrator of the estate. Attorney Bell will increase your peace of mind as he guides you through each phase of probate and estate administration.

Start The Dialogue About About Any Estate-Related Topic

Perhaps you are not grappling with a loved one’s death, but rather, want to put your own estate plan in order. You may believe that you should get your debts resolved first. However, that may not be the best plan. Attorney Bell can help you overcome your hesitancy and create or update your will and other elements of an estate plan that are appropriate for your situation.

Donald Bell helps people deal with property and the preservation of wealth even in the face of financial challenges. To schedule a consultation, call 240-624-0748 or complete an online inquiry form.

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