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Consumer Bankruptcy Tax Debt Relief Office in Greenbelt, MD

Saving Your Home From Foreclosure Due To Tax Liens

A property tax debt of as little as $200 can lead to foreclosure. Private companies purchase these debts from the government and foreclose on homeowners. Many people in this situation are seniors who have lived in their homes for years and have nowhere else to go.

Along with bankruptcy law, attorney Donald L. Bell helps clients defend their homes from foreclosure by helping them find alternative solutions to losing their homes to foreclosure, whether or not bankruptcy is involved. Mr. Bell is very experienced in these situations and has helped numerous clients facing the loss of their homes over a small property tax debt.

How A Homeowner Can Lose Their House Over A $200 Tax Debt?

Many states permit local governments to foreclose on a home for relatively small amounts of unpaid tax, then sell the tax lien to third parties like banks and real estate speculators. The lienholder then gives the homeowner a limited time to redeem their home by paying the lien’s purchase price, plus fees and an often exorbitant amount of interest. If the homeowner does not pay in time, the lienholder evicts them and sells the home at a large profit.

Due to many illnesses associated with aging, many senior homeowners struggle with the complicated laws related to property tax sales. They generally are retired and may have little saved for retirement besides the equity in their home. Without legal assistance, they may be at serious risk of the loss of their home and financial catastrophe.

Fortunately, there are options for keeping your home. Attorney Bell uses several proven strategies to help clients dealing with the possible loss of their home over tax debt. He has helped many clients keep their homes so they can pass them on to their children. In other cases, he helps homeowners sell their homes and retain the equity they have built up over the years.

Defend Your Home From Tax Debt Foreclosure

Having a plan to respond to the foreclosure can help you reach an acceptable resolution. Whatever the details of your case, you may have options to protect your home. Schedule a free initial consultation with Donald L. Bell to find out how he can help. Call 240-624-0748 or email Mr. Bell’s office to schedule your appointment.