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When you do not repay your creditors on time, you may begin receiving telephone collection calls — perhaps weekly, perhaps daily. There are measures available both inside and outside of bankruptcy that can prevent or lessen harassment by collection agencies. Bankruptcy attorney Donald L. Bell will advise you of your rights, and assist you in enforcing those rights.

How Am I Protected From Collections During Bankruptcy?

After attorney Donald L. Bell files your bankruptcy, the calls from collection agencies must stop. It is illegal for creditors to call, or in any way attempt to collect from you after you have filed for bankruptcy. Your bankruptcy filing will also stop garnishments and other threats of losing your assets. In addition, collection agencies may not report negative information to the credit bureaus. Any of these prohibited activities are punishable by the court.

Will The Collection Calls Continue After Bankruptcy Is Successfully Concluded?

Debt collectors are subject to strict regulation, but some collection agencies simply ignore the restrictions and engage in unethical tactics. After you complete your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your debt is discharged.

If a debt collection agency calls because they are not aware of your bankruptcy, you should give them the information about your case, and all contact should stop immediately. If you receive any contact after you inform the creditor of your discharge, you should contact your lawyer to help you protect your rights and work with you to take action against the creditor.

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