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After a divorce, your credit may take a hit

Many things change when you get a divorce in Maryland. You have to learn to live as a single person again. You need to parent your children by yourself. You may have to move. There may also be a change to your credit report. It is not uncommon to have a drop in your credit score, especially if there are issues with joint debts. 

Experian explains that while the court may order your ex-spouse to pay a portion of the debts you had together, it does not mean that your former spouse will do that. If he or she fails to pay the debt, you still have a responsibility in the eyes of the creditor to pay the debt. If this happens, your credit score could take a nosedive if you do not pay. 

Going back to court 

You could go back to court and bring the issue before the judge. However, this is not a swift solution. It will take time to get through court and hold your ex-spouse responsible. In the meantime, the creditor will work to collect its money, and your credit report will reflect this action. 

An alternative 

An alternative option if you have a lot of debt piling up is to file bankruptcy. Once you file, creditors have to stop coming after you for the debt. Your ex-spouse will automatically become the responsible party for the debts. This forces his or her hand on the issue while also allowing you to get from under the debts for good. Plus, it will ensure you can get a fresh start to build up your credit without the influence of your former spouse. 

Watching your credit take a hit because of someone else’s actions is upsetting, but you do not have to sit idly by. You can find solutions to help you avoid the liability of debts for which your former partner is responsible.