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Credit card options after Chapter 7

After people file for bankruptcy, they may think they will not be able to get a credit card. However, bankruptcy usually does not prevent people from getting new credit cards. A previous blog discussed the effects that bankruptcy can have on a credit score. This blog discusses the options people can pursue to get a new credit card after they file for Chapter 7. 

After bankruptcy, some people may want to get the same kind of credit card they had before. Nerd Wallet says it is important for people to remember that this may not always be possible. If people did not pay off their credit cards before bankruptcy, some traditional lenders may not always be willing to open a new line of credit. If people can get the same kind of card, they may face high interest rates. However, people still have options available to them. Some people may want to get a secured credit card. With this option, people usually put down a deposit and this deposit serves as the limit they can spend. This may be helpful if people worry about overspending on their credit cards after bankruptcy. 

People may also want to become an authorized user on another person’s credit card. This can be a good option if people are reluctant to use a credit card again, as authorized users usually do not incur the debt. Some people might also want to have a co-signer for their credit card. In this situation, people are responsible for paying this bill every month. If they fail to pay, the co-signer agrees to pay. This may be a good option if people think they need someone to help them be accountable. 

Whatever option people decide to pursue, it is important for them to choose wisely. According to U.S. News and World Report, people should do thorough research so they understand all of the fine details about their credit card. This can help people pick a card that has manageable fees and interest rates. Additionally, some credit cards have annual fees. This kind of fee may not be a good option for some people right after bankruptcy. It is important for people to remember that when they file for Chapter 7, their credit report generally includes the bankruptcy for the next 10 years. This means that no matter what kind of credit card people get, it will still take some time for them to rebuild their credit.